Saturday, 18 July 2009

Tick Tick ...Boom!

Here's my submission to VISUAL POLITICS VOLUME 2, an archive of socio-political graphics produced around issues in Lebanon.

Antoine Ghanem, Lebanese Politician, was assassinated on the 19th September 2007, part of the erratic car bombs series. The explosion happened in Horch Tabet - Sin El Fil, right under my building. My parents got injured and hospitalized, and the house in ruins. People kept bringing sweets and flowers to my parents' hospital room, when what we really needed is to refurbish the house from practically scratch.

Liste de 'Hamdillah 'Aal Salemeh' is a morbid spoof on a wedding card invitation, re-appropriating the latter's lingo with a photographical centerpiece of a picture of my bloodied parents that made the front page of a local newspaper.

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